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monster legends hack unlimited foodMonster Legends Hack needs from you only your username or email. If you want free resources for your Facebook account, then enter your facebook profile username ( ). For Android enter your Google Email, while for iOS enter your iOS username.

Select the amount of Gold Food and Gems that you want. Example you select 10000, generator will give you total 10000 for three resources(gold,food,gems), ex 6000 gold 3000 food 1000 gems . Sometimes you will get more gold, or food or gems. It is random. But can get also get a bonus, more than you have selected. It happens to get less than selected but do not worry you can use this tool again.Gems play a big role in Monster Legends. You can use them to speed up breeding, farming, and the construction of buildings. These rare trinkets can be bought for cash. Although players often seek hacks and tools to get gems, and some of these tools do work, most are just breeding ground for malware monsters.

Thankfully, there are legit ways to get gems.

One of the best ways to earn free gems is to collect XP and level-usp, because you get at least one free gem with each level-up. The level meter at the top of the game screen shows how many XP you�ve collected and the remaining XP you need to level up.

There are many ways to get XP. Follow these tips to get quick XP and level-up quicker.Monster Legends is a free dragon-monster breeding type of game that is being offered by Social Point. In this game, you will hatch and breed up to 100 different monsters, including epic monsters, which then allows you to enter various maps on the game to level up your monsters by fighting and battling other monsters. You can complete challenges to earn rewards or play with friends as you progress through this game building up some fierce monsters, w hich then gives you the chance to play in 3-on-3 combat.

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